Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort

We spent today putzing around the motorhome. After our morning power walk around the park, I decided to give PP a going over with Dri Wash. It was a great day, sunny and quite warm, so perfect for a little spray on and buff off. Just don’t like those dirt streaks coming down the sides of the motorhome from the roof.
John, Harry, Karen, Pat, Mark & Chris at In & Out, Casa Grande, AZ
(Photo by Karen)

This afternoon, we drove over to Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort to meet John & Pat Lively for a little pickleball. We haven’t seen them since Orlando last spring. We have been dying to have a look at Palm Creek with the idea of perhaps spending a future winter. Lets just say that after the way we were treated by staff at the main entry gate, we definitely won’t be returning there ever again.

Upon arrival, we were told under no circumstances could non park residents play pickleball at Palm Creek. We were told to do a U turn and leave the park. We finally convinced the gate staff to let us into the park to at least visit with John and Pat. Other friends, Harry and Karen, met up with us in the park. John & Pat were extremely apologetic when they learned how we had been treated upon our arrival. Suffice it to say that I have written to Palm Creek management to express our concerns about the way we were treated. We can live without playing pickleball for an hour, but under no circumstances will we ever put up with rude and impertinent employees. Shame on Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort. Readers may wish to think carefully about spending your RV dollars at Palm Creek.

With the Palm Creek fiasco firmly behind us, the six of us enjoyed a nice supper at In & Out Burgers. They certainly make a good burger.