Verde Canyon Railroad

Well, it looks like the weather has finally improved over what we have had for the last week. We have enjoyed sunny skies and warmer temperatures the last two days. Yesterday, we experienced the ‘chocolate lovers’ special aboard the Verde Canyon Railway. We received two free complimentary first class tickets for listening to a Vacation Club presentation last week, each with a value of $90. The train ride was a 4 hour, round trip through Verde Valley to Perkinsville and featured a catered lunch as well. Definitely the highlight of our stay here.

Today, we went back to Page Springs Hatchery where we got nice photographs of some mallard ducks and a black crowned night heron. New camera seems to be working well with my 500 mm lens. This afternoon, it was back to Sedona for a little more sightseeing and just a few more photographs. Things are winding down here at TT Verde Valley. We move on to Casa Grande on Monday.