WHR Desert Shadows, Casa Grande, AZ


Phaeton Place (in the middle)

We hit the road out of TT Verde Valley near Cottonwood, AZ at 9 am yesterday and had an easy drive south on I-17 to Phoenix and then east on I-10 to Casa Grande.  Great weather and relatively little traffic because of the Presidents Day holiday.  Clear skies and look at the temperatures we are expecting for the next few days while here!  We haven’t seen weather like this since we left Palm Springs last month.  Gotta love it!  (The weather pic is for our RV friends in Florida (you know who you are) who haven’t seen many days in the 70sF this winterOpen-mouthed)


Packing up was a little different today.  Chris saw something fall off the top of the dining room slide out while bringing in the slides this morning.  Upon closer examination, it was a bunch of ice from the water in the slide topper that must have frozen overnight.  Who knew?  Temps got down to around 30F the night before we left.


While in Palm Springs last month, we tried to get into WHR Desert Shadows on our ROD membership but could not find any vacancies, so we tried on RPI instead and got a week long booking, no problem.  Looking around the campground though, there are about 50 vacant sites, so space certainly isn’t a problem.  Guess only so many sites are allocated to ROD and RPI. They put us in site 4 to start with but last night we found our Datastorm internet was not working.  Satellite TV reception was great, just no internet.  Seems a small wispy tree was blocking our internet signal intermittently.  Anyway, this morning we moved to site 207 and all is well in our internet world.   We ran into our friends, Gary and Linda, who we met at the TRVN rally in Quartzsite last month, so it was great catching up with them again.

I also touched base with John and Pat Lively who are spending the winter at another park here in Casa Grande.  Hoping we’ll be able to play a little pickleball Wednesday afternoon at a near by public park with tennis courts.