Birding in Rockport and Port Aransas

We picked up a copy of The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail (Central Texas Coast) map at a local Rockport birding store when we got here, and have been checking out different locations in Rockport and Port Aransas.  Paradise Pool in Port Arnasas has been great for seeing nesting great blue herons.  I spent an hour or more this morning taking photos of a great egret foraging for food in the pond across the street from our motorhome.  He hung around for hours and didn’t seem to mind my intrusion at all.  We also checked out several spots along the bay north of Rockport on Saturday.  These slideshow photos were taken there, right off the side of the highway.
This afternoon we went back into Port Aransas.  The usual 5-10 minute for the free ferry crossing into Port Aransas took almost 45 minutes, possibly because it was the weekend, but more likely because spring break is on.  We saw more than a few young adults with bright red sunburns.  Oh to be young again!  We checked out the birding center on Ross Ave for the first time in hopes of seeing our first roseate spoonbills and we weren’t disappointed.  There is a long boardwalk extending out into the marsh with a multitiered observation tower making an ideal camera tripod platform.  We spent several hours here watching.  At one point there must have been a hundred spoonbills that lifted off from the marsh grass area on the north side of the tower.  They flew over the tower en mass and landed a few hundred yards away on the opposite side of the tower.  Simply amazing.  I’m still sorting through all those photos but should have some posted by tomorrow.
We’ve decided to hang on here in Rockport for a few more days.  As stated before, our campground isn’t the most modern place we have ever stayed in, but the weather has been great and we are keeping ourselves busy.
One technical note…..for some reason any slideshow I post here on my blog does not migrate over to facebook properly, only the narrative portion appears on facebook.  I’ve been trying to find a work around to this problem but haven’t been lucky so far.  Today, I have added a link to my smugmug slideshow in the title bar.  Facebook readers, and blogger readers to for that matter, should be able to click on the title of this blog entry and be redirected to my slideshow on smugmug.  In theory anyway.  Please let me know if any of you are successful.