Bruce Willis in New Orleans

We arrived in Abita Springs on Sunday around noon after spending the previous night at a Cracker Barrel in Lafayette, LA  The weather has been great since leaving Columbus, TX and the New Orleans area is apparently supposed to reach 80F later this week.  We are staying at Abita Springs RV Resort on Hwy 435 in Abita Springs until April 3rd using our RPI membership.  Very nice park run by Ocean Canyon Properties.  We tried to get in using ROD but for some reason they are only allowing RPI members entrance over the Easter holiday.  We have a nice 50 amp site near the small lake in the park.  There is lots of wildlife and our bird feeder is seeing quite a bit of activity.  We’ve been feeding the local ducks and now they appear at the door of our motorhome in the morning looking for a handout.  Our datastorm satellite can’t get on the internet because of the tall pine trees overhead.  I did manage to get our Bell ExpressVu TV through the attached bird on a wire though.  We had wondered whether it was possible to still get TV reception even though the datastorm could not lock onto the internet satellite, and now we know.   We purchased wifi from the resort but unfortunately they are having ‘technical problems”, an all too familiar theme in some parks, so we haven’t been able to access internet as regularly as we normally do.  I’m doing up this entry offline in Windows Live Writer before we head into town and try to find a wifi hotspot, Starbucks or McDonalds most likely.
We explored the French Quarter of New Orleans on Monday.  Nice to actually see some of the areas we have seen in movies and on TV in recent years.  Went to Bubba Gump’s for lunch and it was excellent.  In fact, we got to sit out on the balcony on the second floor, overlooking the street where they were filming a new action movie called Reds with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.  Didn’t see Morgan, but Bruce was in action mode on the street, firing a gun in front of a green screen.  I managed to get a few pictures of him but even with a 70-200mm zoom with 1.4x extender, I couldn’t really get close enough for my liking.  Sorry but this was the best I could do.
Chris and I attended a Haunted Tour of the French Quarter on our first day there.  It was interesting and showed us many of the voodoo and supposedly haunted sites, along with some ghost stories too.  Randy, our guide, was a bit of a ham and presented a very entertaining show based in part on the many historical papers of New Orleans he has researched over the last twenty years.  Marie Laveau the voodoo queen, Jean Lafitte and others played prominently in his presentation.  For any James Bond buffs reading this, much of Live and Let Die with Roger Moore was filmed in the French Quarter and we got to see the buildings and street where they filmed the voodoo funeral scene.  Elvis fans will know the school where King Creole was filmed is also here. 
French Quarter Window Reflections