Carlsbad Caverns National Park

We left Bosque del Apache on Sunday morning and headed east on Hwy 380 to Roswell, where we made a pit stop at the UFO museum for an hour. Personally, I wasn’t very taken with what the museum had on display. There were some interesting things, but most of what was on display from what I could see were poor quality photocopies of documents, affidavits and fuzzy enlargements of photographs purporting to be UFOs. The Roswell incident was an interesting read. We may not be the only intelligent life in the universe, but for the time being at least, we are still alone in the universe until better evidence presents itself.

We overnighted at Walmart in Carlsbad and then drove the Vue out to explore Carlsbad Caverns this morning. We both walked into the caverns instead of taking the elevator, and then did the Big Room tour. The caverns are awesome to see and definitely one of the best national parks we have seen so far. Our self guided tour with audio players took us about 3 hours to do. Entry cost was $6 per person and another $6 each for the audio player. We missed the bats unfortunately. They are still in southern Mexico but should return as soon as temps warm up. At this time of year, the Caverns were not very busy at all. There is some serious remodeling going on in the main parking area. This NP is definitely on our list of places to revisit in the future.

We returned to Wally World in Carlsbad for a bit of lunch and then drove south to Fort Stockton , TX for the night, where coincidentally enough, we are spending another night at Walmart., along with half a dozen other RVs. Our travel itinerary has been revised somewhat due to the cool weather. Instead of heading for TT Lake Whitney near Dallas tomorrow, we will go to TT Medina Lake near San Antonio for a week, before heading to WHR Bayview in Rockport for two weeks. It just has to be warmer near the Gulf.