Murder in San Antonio

Our last two mornings have started with a 2-3 mile run around the park after breakfast.  This morning, we also brought some surgical tubing (8 ft long rubber bands) with us in order to do some resistance training between running segments.  I’m not sure who was more surprised to see what we were doing, the local residents or the mule deer that seem to be everywhere in the park.  I think they were all staring a bit, but so what.  We enjoyed it and are back into a regular fitness program for the first time in several months. 
 Mule Deer (Buck)
Following our run, it was back to PP where I broke out the power sprayer to help wash some of the highway dirt off while Chris spruced up the inside.  The water here is pretty hard so I have a few spots to look after with Dri-Wash from where the sun evaporated the water too quickly.  Might look after that tomorrow.
Hyatt Hotel
We spent our afternoon visiting the Alamo in downtown San Antonio and enjoying a walk along the river.  We were taking in the scenery along the Riverwalk when we witnessed a murder (of sorts), right in the very heart of San Antonio.  There we were overlooking the river and admiring a family of ducks swimming in the river near the sidewalk, a drake, female and about 8 little duckings.  They were all right next to the sidewalk at the water’s edge, when a yellow-crowned night-heron swooped in and grabbed one of the ducklings in its beak!  Chris and I both saw it and neither of us could believe our eyes.  Off it flew into a nearby tree to enjoy a tasty lunch.  Mean rotten scoundrel!  We were so surprised at what we saw that neither of us thought to get a photograph either!
The Alamo, San Antonio, TX
We were still buzzing about the avian murder while sipping our Starbucks coffee and munching a piece of marble cake.  That’s why we run and work out, after all.  But the day’s excitement wasn’t over just yet.  We walked back to our car in the public parking lot near the Alamo and found a police car parked behind us.  Turns out someone had broken into the car parked next to us by smashing  out the driver’s door window, and stolen a GPS from the dashboard.  Nothing touched in our Vue, thankfully. 
Healthcare Protesters in front of Alamo
We got back in the car and left downtown San Antonio right at the heart of rush hour.  Two hours later we finally arrived back at TT Medina Lake.  Welcome to life in the big city.