Praha and Weimar, TX

St Mary’s Church, Praha, TX
We’ve had two days of cold, wind and rain since a storm front blew through this part of Texas on Saturday.  Thankfully, things are starting to improve today with temps back in the 70sF for the next few days.
Yesterday, we took a run in to the super Walmart in Sealy to pick up a few groceries.  We took I-10 in but came back on the secondary roads.  Lots of fields, ranches, cattle and horses.  Today, we decided to check out a few ghost towns I have listed in a custom POI file on my Garmin.  Our first stop was Oakland, just south of I-10 near Weimar.  Unfortunately, none of the old town is there anymore.  However, Praha was another story.  While not exactly what we had pictured as a ghost town, it is definitely a very small town  comprised mainly of residential homes and the stunning St Mary’s church seen above.
On our way back to the preserve, we followed Hwy 90 through Weimar and went into the center of town to look for something to eat.  Unfortunately, the one restaurant downtown was already closed for the day, but we did see Kasper’s Meat Market right across the street, so we went in to check it out.  The owner gave us his personal rendition of many historic events in Weimar and surrounding areas, including details of several lynchings in the old west days and a very interesting story about a fellow who was sewn into the body cavity of a dead steer, by several local ruffians in the early 1900s, with his head sticking out of the caboose of the steer.  He was still alive too.  The guy, not the steer.  He was found sometime later, hours or days, we aren’t sure, when passerbys heard a spitting sound coming from the dead steer.  Turns out it was the guy, still alive, who was spitting at vultures who were gathering around to do a number on him!  It may have been a bunch of hooey but it was a great story.  This meat market has been in the owner’s family since 1917 and while it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the quality of meat sold is fabulous.  People come here from 100 miles away to buy meat.  We picked up some awesome rib eyes and their turkey jerky as well.  All I can say is ……WOW!!!  Definitely a place to check out if ever in the area.