Rainy Day Inside

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Our weather forecast proved to be accurate for today.  Overcast, with misty showers most of the day, so far it is bang on.  Today is another putzing around the motorhome day.  Chris has been busy working on her Alaska scrapbook and making pretzels with the bread machine.  I’ve been busy watching all the different birds at our feeder.  You can see the various types of birds we’ve been entertaining all day in the above slideshow.  But the best entertainment by far, was the squirrel.  He must be part acrobat and part clown!  What a performance he put on shinnying up the pole to the feeder.  Sometimes he was grasping onto the feeder with barely a toenail, while other times he was right on top of the house, gobbling up whatever seeds he could before gravity brought him back down on the ground.  
Looks like more of the same weather tomorrow.  We head for Western Horizons Bayview in Rockport, TX on Tuesday morning.