Relaxing at TT Colorado River

Friday, we played a little pickleball in the morning.  Just us unfortunately.  We played for about 30 minutes before the wind came up strong enough for us to be concerned about our patio awning, which we had left out.  I ran back and retracted it before any harm was done.  We did a walking tour around the preserve and then relaxed in 75F sunshine as we watched the weekenders arrive on and off throughout the afternoon.  Lovely day.

Great Roadrunner – Closeup

Today, the weather took a turn for the worse.  We knew a storm front was coming in from the north.  Thunderstorms and rain for much of the morning with temps plummeting to 59F.  We sat in the warm comfort of our motorhome and watched as more than a few rigs packed up and headed for home.  Pretty sure all the tenters are gone!  Looks the Sunday will be on the cool side as well before a warming trend arrives on Monday.  Chris busied herself with the quilt she has been working on, while I worked through some new Photoshop techniques. Both of today’s photos were taken at the Thousand Trails preserve in Palm Springs earlier this winter.  Jane will remember this little guy.