Rockport Area

We’ve been busy sightseeing these past three days.  Yesterday, we took a run up Hwy 35 to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi, kind of a big loop.  Unfortunately, the weather was not the best.  Lots of fog along the coast but the sun came out in Corpus Christi.  Rockport was back under a fog bank until about 3 pm.  We enjoyed a stroll along the walking piers.  There is certainly lots to see and do in and around Rockport.  Right now though, it seems that any outdoor activity also includes mosquitoes.  After all the rain here, the mosquitoes are fierce.  I swear they don’t just bite, instead they tear out chunks of flesh!  We are using plenty of Deep Woods while here.  Today, we went to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  Being a NWR, we expected it to be on par with what we saw at Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  As far as wildlife goes, we saw a few alligators, some deer and one or two vultures but no other birds at all.  No pelicans, herons or whooping cranes.  Just wasn’t our day.  The drive around Aransas NWR was nice though and right on the coast too.  We did manage to grab a few photographs on the way back into Rockport.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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