Spettel Riverside House

There is a great old house on TT Medina Lake property right next to the swimming pool that dates back to the late 1880s.  It was formerly used as the adult activity center at Thousand Trails, but in recent years it has fallen into disrepair.  Sadly today, it remains but a shell of its former self and sits with the doors and windows all locked and boarded up.  Nevertheless, it makes for a great subject photographically, especially at sunrise.

The Texas Historical Commission plaque erected at the site reads as follows: 
“John B. Spettel Jr. (1836-1909), through partnerships with Jacob Koenig, his brother Joseph Spettel and his brother-in-law Louis Schorp, became a successful area cattleman.  By 1881, he and his bride Theresa Leibold (1854-1941) were living in this home a mile south of Mitchell’s crossing on the Medina River, now under the waters of Medina Lake.  Featuring elaborate ornamentation, the Spettel Riverside House became a popular stop for travelers on the road between Castroville and Bandera.  Following the completion of the Medina Dam in 1912, it was moved to this site.