TT Medina Lake

Phaeton Place (top left corner of image) getting nearer the Gulf every day

Our stay at the Walmart in Fort Stockton last night was very peaceful, all things considered. A semi trailer parked next to us started up and left at 4:30 am, but other than that we heard very little overnight. There were half a dozen other RVs parked with us and several of them were repeat customers.

We were on the road again just after 7 am this morning and enjoyed a long day driving east on I-10 towards San Antonio, TX. Lets just say that this part of Texas, well at least the first two hours heading east from Fort Stockton, is flat as a pancake. It’s so flat, you can see your dog running away for 3 days! It’s so flat, that if you put a soup can on the ground, stand on it and look out at the horizon, you can almost see the back of your own head! Ba Dum Bum! OK, that’s the extent of my sense of humor. After that, it got a little more interesting as we entered Hill Country. 80 MPH speed limit on the interstate too! Not that we went that fast, ……. but we could have………if we wanted to fill up twice before reaching our destination.

We exited I-10 at mile 508 near Kerrville and followed the written instructions in our TT magazine to get us to TT Medina Lake. We’ve learned not to rely on our GPS once we get close to our TT destination as locations are not always 100% accurate. There was a small line up of vehicles waiting to get into the park and no ranger at the gate. She returned in about 5 minutes. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go! Just lock the door and put the gate down. We all had a good laugh over that. We found a nice 30 amp site in R section, with good satellite reception too. We were a little concerned about getting a good signal because of all the trees, but things worked out just fine. Pickelball court is set up on the deck under the roof of the activity center. Not sure if anyone is playing but we will definitely check it out.

Temps are supposed to be up around 70F for the next few days. Lots of mule deer in the park and they seem to be very tame. We went for a walk after supper and sunsets here look pretty good too. Had to get back to PP to watch NCIS though, so a nice sunset photo will have to wait for another day. PP is filthy, so hope RV washing is permitted, if not, looks like another dri-wash session. Looking forward to a few days of rest along with some sightseeing in San Antonio. Apparently, the Alamo and Riverwalk are must dos while here.

We did experience one little technical glitch this morning before leaving Fort Stockton. When I started up PP this morning, neither the dash heater, rear camera nor driver’s map light would work. There was just no power to any of them. All the fuses were intact, so wasn’t sure what could be wrong. Usually, when I start up all three items come on right away. I shut off the ignition and started it up again…..lo and behold everything worked. Thinking there has to be something in the ignition switch causing that. It has happened once or twice in the past but I have never had to switch off the ignition to get heater, camera, etc to power up again. Something else to have checked in Red Bay in early April.


  1. Mark and Chris March 4, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    Lake is still very low and I don't think it they will raise it. All the boat launches are officially closed too, so I expect the water level will stay where it is. Won't be doing Florida before heading north unfortunately unless perhaps we are in and out of Red Bay very quickly. Still doubtful though. We better be seeing you two next fall in Florida though.

  2. Brits On Tour March 4, 2010 at 1:33 am #

    Hey you two. The River Walk and the Alamo are both well worth a visit. We both enjoyed San Antonio. TT Medina Lake quite a nice park, the deer are really friendly. Has the lake filled up any yet? Will you be comming to Florida before Red Bay?