Whooping Cranes, Lamar, TX

After getting things packed up this afternoon, we headed for the public park in Rockport one last time.  It was very crowded but then with spring break and St Patrick’s day, it should be.  It was around 5 PM so we took one last run north on Hwy 35 to Lamar in search of the illusive whooping cranes.  There is a small fenced off grassy field, posted as a wildlife area,  across from the 1000 yr old live oak tree.  And there in the middle of the field, we saw two whooping cranes foraging near a small pond.  They were a bit far away for even my 500mm lens plus the 1.4X teleconverter, but using a bean bag for stability, I grabbed a few shots out my driver’s door window.  At least we saw our whooping cranes!  Hope you like.