WHR Bayview, Rockport, TX

After another dull and gray day in the San Antonio area yesterday, we returned home for supper and started packing for our departure this morning.  Most things were dry but after two days of constant rain, our  patio mats needed the night to dry out, but with the high humidity they only dried out a little bit.  We packed them in the back of the Vue and hit the road this morning shortly after 9 am.  Our first stop was at a Valero station on the outskirts of San Antonio at Hwy 1604N where we got diesel for $2.69/gallon, the cheapest we’ve seen in quite some time.  After that, we skirted around the west side of San Antonio and headed south on US 181 and 389 to the Gulf Coast.  Both roads were in great shape with very little traffic.  We pulled into Rockport just after 1 pm.
Brown Pelican in Flight
WHR Bayview is an older RV park.  We were a little disappointed when we arrived.  With all the rain they have had here in the last 3-4 days, roads in the park are in terrible shape.  All pot holed and muddy at the moment.  There is also lots of standing water in the low lying grassy areas, so mosquitoes are everywhere.  There is a pickleball court but I don’t think it gets much use.  The Olympic size pool is also closed for repairs for the season.  A second, smaller pool is open though, but the hot tub is out of service.  We did get a nice open site with a large double concrete pad and 50 amp service.  The front gate staff were very  friendly and helpful upon our arrival.  At this point, we are unsure if we will stay here until Mar 22 nd as planned.  We may just stay one week, instead of two, and then move on to TT Colorado River instead.  We have a few days to check out the area and make up our minds.   
Black Skimmers at Fulton Beach
We loaded up the cameras and went for a little sightseeing tour this afternoon.  Fulton and Rockport seem like very nice seafront towns.  Lots of birds at Fulton Beach as evidenced by these photographs.  We stopped in at a birding center and visitor center.  We’ve got a ton of brochures along with lots of tips on where to go for some great photos.