Spring Has Sprung at TT Kenisee Lake

We switched sites this morning.  Ranger Bob came over last night and ran the water in our pull thru site for about 5 minutes before it finally cleared up.  We still didn’t hook up to water later night though because we wanted to check out some of the higher and drier sites.  There are a bunch of new 50 amp pull thru sites but all seem to be lower than the more established sites.  After two days of constant rain many of those sites were surrounded by water.  This park is on city water and we were told the city had been working on water lines outside the park, so that likely was the cause of the problems here.  Anyway, we moved to site 58 and are very happy here. 
We have lovely neighbours but they don’t live in a motorhome or RV of any type.  One couple actually lives inside an old wash machine tub (used as a fire pit) while the other couple lives on the gravel pad in the empty site across from us.  We have nesting robins and killdeer for company and they are fascinating to watch and observe.  
The park only opened up last week and there are not too many rigs here yet.  We did speak with Ranger Bob & his new bride Mariah who spend their winters at the TT preserves in Florida and also at Torey Oaks RV & Golf Resort.  What a surprise to find out that we know many of the same people.  Mariah told us they got married last year at TT Peace River.  That tweaked my memory a bit and sure enough, there it is on Jim & Jane’s blog, Feb 25, 2009.  Lots of other familiar names too, Ken & Faye, Stan & Sally, Joe & Cis, Dennis & Barb and many others.  Thousand Trails certainly is a big family.  Bob & Mariah are here until the preserve closes in late October and then will blast back down to Florida.