Tiffin Motorhomes, Red Bay, Alabama

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We left Abita Springs at 7:30 am this morning via Hwy 21 and then turned north on I-59 into Mississippi.  Traffic was very light compared to what we saw on the roads on Good Friday in the Abita Springs and Covington areas.  It was pretty muggy though and storm clouds were threatening.  In fact, once we reached  Hattiesburg, it poured, and I mean bucketed down, all the way to Meridian.  Phaeton Place performed marvelously in the rain though and we were able to keep going without incident.  We had more than enough fuel to get to Red Bay, but if we have learned anything in our travels this past 10 months, it is to grab diesel fuel when you see it available at a good price, ergo we stopped in Scooba Junction. Yes, there is such a place.  BP was selling diesel for $2.799/gallon which was a far sight better than the $3.05/gallon we saw everywhere in Meridian.  We followed Hwy 45 north of Meridian and were treated to brand new 4 lane asphalt most of the way.  Hwy 23 to Tremont and Red Bay was also in great shape.

This is our first time in Red Bay and at the Tiffin factory.  We have an appointment for Monday morning and were very glad we decided to come in on Saturday instead of Sunday.  We managed to get a full hook up site right away but the place is filling up fast.  A few people without appointments have been here for more than a week, but generally speaking those with appointments are moved through much more quickly.  Rod and Marsha, the camp hosts, were excellent to deal with and treated us like royalty.  We have our checklist of needed repairs completed and turned in already.  We have been instructed to have Phaeton Place in front of Bay 1 at 7 am on Monday morning.  Rod figures we’ll be done by Wednesday but I’m figuring more like a week.  Time will tell.  A couple of parcels were waiting for us at the office, so we have lots of K-cup coffee in stock for anyone who drops by.  Lowes is delivering another item for us tomorrow.  A dishwasher!  Can you believe it?!  Chris won’t be able to sleep at night.
We’ve met some great people here already and had quite a group at Reeves for supper last night.  We were told the 4 piece catfish plate was too much for most people to get through.  Lets just say, I gotter done!  Looking forward to Monday.  Hoping to do a factory tour as well while we are here.   And there is Coon Dog cemetery here as well, so that certainly warrants a visit too.     


  1. don December 8, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    HI Mark and Chris I love your site must be nice to ride around in your living room as much as you do.I have A 2006 Phaeton that just dont seem to keep the front warm when driving very little heat from the motor. Do you have the same issue or is this just something wrong with my home.Happy Holidays to all. Thanks Don and Marilyn

  2. Shirley and Neil April 10, 2010 at 2:33 am #

    Hi Mark and Chris. Came upon your blog through the Tiffin forum and noticed you are pickle ball player. Many of those mentioned are very familiar as I played with them in Orlando and Wauchula. We arrive this Sunday afternoon for some work on our 2009 Phaeton QRH. Maybe we will meet up if you are still there.

    Neil and Shirley Pedersen