TT Kenisee Lake, Jefferson, OH

We packed up yesterday afternoon, after hearing the weather forecast for the next 24 hours.  Several tornadoes struck in parts of Mississippi and some of that weather was on its way to the northeast.  But we awoke this morning to sunny skies and no alerts on our weather radio.  We started rolling east on I-71 out of Wilmington before 9 am.  Our first stop was at Flying J east of Wilmington where we paid $3.199/gallon for diesel, the most we have paid in some time.
Pioneer Village near Caesar Creek
Taken with Chris’s cell phone
We followed the same route around Columbus that we did the other day.  Being Sunday, traffic was pretty light.  Thanks to our friend Tom who we met in Red Bay recently, we chose our route home to Ontario so that it would take us through Dover, Ohio and the Warther Museum.  All we can say, is if you like model trains and /or wood carving, you have to stop in here for a visit.  Check out some of these photos:
Lots more to see in in my Smugmug gallery 
The bad weather had been behind us all the way into Dover, but we could hear thunder overhead while at the museum.  We continued north towards Jefferson and watched the thunderstorms roll across the sky in front of us as we drove.  We were caught in some driving rain and hail as we turned off Hwy 534 on Hwy 45.  Wipers were on fast and we were on secondary roads doing less than 40 mph in some areas.  We finally decided to pull over along Hwy 45 and wait it out while we had a coffee.  Ten minutes and we were on our way.

We pulled into TT Kenisee Lake near Jefferson around 5 pm and it was still raining.  Ranger Pam greeted us at the gate.  We found a nice pull thru site and waited out the rain before hooking up.  All went well until I turned on the water tap only to find white colored water with some type of fuel smell in it.  I checked a few of the other 50 amp pull thru sites and the water was all the same.  After letting the ranger know, I checked out some other 30 amp sites and found the water was ok there.  We’ll change sites in tomorrow morning.