TT Natchez Trace, Hohenwald, TN

John Coffee Memorial Bridge on Tennessee River
We were called into Bay 48 on Wednesday afternoon to have our final slide topper replaced.  The last thing on our list for this trip to the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, AL.  Chris told me to make sure I mention how well she drove phaeton place from site 89, right on into our service bay.   Seriously though, she did a great job especially with more than a hundred motor homes milling about all over the place.   We have a few other things requiring warranty service but they will have to wait until this fall.  We are planning on stopping back at Red Bay again on our way to Florida in October.  Once done in the service bay, we washed down phaeton place.  In the bright sunshine, Chris noticed the door to our  LPG compartment is discolored.  Another thing added to our punch list for next visit.
Rest Area on Natchez Trace Parkway
We had quite a gang together for supper at Swamp John’s restaurant.  Five couples, all from Red Bay, and all of us enjoyed a great meal.  
Low Clearance Bridge near TT Natchez Trace
Check out this morning at Red Bay was painless.  We followed Natchez Trace Parkway all the way into Tennessee, stopping along the way for a few photo ops.  We drove across 3 states today and all within 90 miles of Red Bay; Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. The dogwoods and other trees are all in bloom and the scent in the air is magnificent.  This our first time at TT Natchez Trace.  We were a little worried about the low clearance bridge near the entrance to the preserve but as seen in the photo, we squeezed through with a little care.  NT is a huge park.  Many of the sites appear to be unusable though.  Many are not very level but we found a nice level spot in the phase two area and have already run into several TT members we know from past travels.  We’ll spend a few days here before moving on to Indiana.  Looking forward to a day trip into Nashville tomorrow.