TT Wilmington, Wilmington, OH

Wednesday was our last day at TT Indian Lakes.  Our guide book mentioned a covered bridge about 10 miles from the preserve so we set off on a tour of the area to find it and other things.  We had a wonderful drive around the north side of I-71.  Reminded us a lot of Yorkshire in northern England, lots of narrow farm roads and many rolling hills.  We’ve made a note to ourselves to come back here again with our tandem bicycle.
Stockheughter Covered Bridge, Batesville, IN
Once back at our campsite by mid afternoon, a neighbor came by to tell us that our hot water tank was leaking all over the ground.  Upon further examination, it turns out the pressure temperature valve (PTV) on our Suburban water heater was not doing its job.  We fixed it temporarily by shutting off the water supply and heater.  Then drained our water hose and opened a hot water tap inside.  That was supposed to allow air into the line which would in turn be forced into the water heater, once we reconnected everything and turned the water back on.  It only worked for an hour or so, so we figured we needed a new PTV.  I managed to locate Southwest RV Service & Storage in Fairfield, OH, near Cincinnati, online and called them after we left TT Indian Lakes.  They were more than happy to help out.  We rolled into their yard around 10 am and Scott had us on our way with a newly installed PTV in less than 30 minutes, and all under warranty too!
From Fairfield, it was an easy drive eastward on I-275 around Cincinnati, onto I-71 and Wilmington, OH.  TT Wilimington is a smaller TT preserve but very nice and well laid out.  Apparently, they just opened for the season last week.  We are in site #1 with full hookups (30 amp service).  Heading over to check out the tennis/pickleball court later this afternoon.  We were thrown by the “do not enter” sign as we turned into the preserve off SR 380, but it turns out the entry has been refurbished in recent years.  The ranger station is now a gazebo and check ins are done at the preserve office/store to the left of the main entrance.  Chris drove Phaeton Place to our site from the main office parking lot and also backed her into our site with only a few  confusing hand signals from myself.  Great job, babe!  We are here until Sunday when we will move on to TT Kenisee Lakes near Jefferson, OH.

And finally a quick note about the blog.  In an effort to spruce things up a bit, I decided to try out a new blogger template.  I think it looks much better than the old one personally.  The hit count keeps going up everyday, so I know lots of people are reading about our travels.  I invite our readers to please sign up as a “Follower”, using the link in the right margin.  The comment field is also more user accessible on this new template than the old one.  Please feel free to leave a comment about the new template, photographs, who you are, where you are, etc.  Cheers.


  1. Marie and Keith April 23, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    We enjoy your blog so much…we've been about a week or 2 behind you in our travels…ALL your info. has helped us greatly, especially all the details about TT and pickleball etc. Even your repair work has helped us! Don't change anything you're doing unless it gets better HA! We'll be leaving Conroe TT next Wed. making our way to Lexington KY to the Horse Farm Campground…then home by Mother's Day.. Please keep in touch..

  2. Haddock April 22, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    I am always fascinated by covered bridges.