Tupelo, Mississippi & Natchez Trace Parkway

Finally the weekend has arrived.  We are still in Red Bay.  The Allegro campground is still pretty full with lots of motorhomes lined up for service.  Most of our punch list is done now.  We’ll be moving into another bay on Monday, so they can look at our air conditioners.  Two of them have  quite noticeable shimmies when running on heat pump or a/c.  Safety concerns require using a bay where techs are wired into a safety harness whenever on the roof of motorhomes.  Our bedroom ceiling fan is still noisy too, so we’ll be asking to have it replaced.  Other than that we are only waiting for them to replace the diamond shield, determine why the infra red remote is not working with our satellite receiver and do a little touch up paint on some of our storage bays.  BTW, our new Sharp Carousel microwave heats to 450F in only 10 minutes instead of the 45 minutes we used to get with our old one.
Birth of a Tiffin Motorhome
Our dishwasher works great, uses very little water and we can’t even hear it when its running.  Chris Berry has also completed our modifications.  I haven’t got pictures yet, but we’ve had a computer/sewing station added into the dining room slide for Chris. It replaces one of two euro recliners that came with our coach, only thing is we are not sure if we should keep the second euro recliner now, or get rid of it.  We have lots of room for it when the slides are out, but things are a little tight with it when we are mobile.  We are going to try it with both for a bit, kind of a wait and see…… Chris also added two end tables, drawers under kitchen sink and dinette table, another cupboard in the bathroom and a small shelf under the window by the passenger seat.  Everything looks and functions great.  Thanks Brannon and Chris.  These two guys are run off their feet with work.   
Chris & 13 yr old Elvis
We took a run into Tupelo, Mississippi to see Elvis’s birthplace.  Nice town and quite a bit to see.  We even found a Starbucks where we enjoyed a nice coffee and a piece of cake.  The Natchez Trace Parkway runs past Tupelo so we took a run north on it for about an hour before coming back to Red Bay via Belmont.  What a wonderfully scenic drive.  It is a popular bicycle and motorcycle trip in the summer months.  Two lane road, 50 mph speed limit with lots of places to pull over and explore nature trails, etc.  We’ll head north on ‘the Trace” in Phaeton Place when we leave here next week on our way to the Natchez Trace Thousand Trails Preserve.   
Unknown Confederate Soldier Grave on Natchez Trace Parkway

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  1. John & Pat April 12, 2010 at 2:28 am #

    Hi Mark and Chris,
    Have enjoyed your trip east and your stay at Red Bay. We enjoyed our stays in Red Bay w/Tiffin. Sounds as if your work is about finished. Am anxious to see how the inside looks with the new cabinet.
    Safe travels!
    The Livelys