Warranty Repairs 2

We’ve been up and at it and in front of Bay 1 at the Tiffin factory every day this week and will be back there again Friday.  We had a brand new Sharp Carousel microwave installed this morning, but not before they removed the repaired one (see last post) and installed a “supposedly” new one.  We figured something was amiss because the instruction book that came with  it was a bunch of photocopied pages stapled together and on top of that it had no turntable or racks, but did come with a hole through the top of the inside of the cooking compartment.  It was obviously a used model, so we requested and received a brand new microwave, still sealed in the box, with all accessories.  Chris will try cooking supper in it tonight to see if it functions properly.  (The new microwave  just took 10 minutes to pre-heat to 400F, versus the 45 minute, if ever,  for the old microwave.)  Looks like we have a winner!!
Three of four slide toppers have been replaced. The fourth one should arrive tomorrow morning.  Justin, our tech, has been great and also discovered that we need a new sealing gasket on the dining room slide and that will also be replaced tomorrow.  They still have to drill a hole in the roof in order to properly vent our black tank as well.  Turns out we were indeed missing a vent on our roof, so no wonder we had the poopy smell inside from time to time. The front a/c unit is vibrating more than usual, so we’ll have to move into another service bay that has the proper winch and safety harness to have that checked out.  The paint shop is also going to repair some scratches left by a dealer in California when removing our black/grey tank access panel last fall, while also touching up a few stone chips in some of our storage bay doors that we received while up in Alaska last summer.  The other “biggish” item is the removal and replacement of our Diamond Shield plastic coating on the front of the motorhome.  There has been some rippling in it since day one and they are going to replace it as a warranty item.
Last night, after spending the day in the Tiffin shop, we drove over to CustomRV, just outside of Red Bay so Brannon could install our dishwasher.  It functions very well and is whisper quiet.  We also had SeeLevel gauges added as well.  Tonight, Chris Berry is coming by to complete some interior modifications.  Hoping to have photos up in the next day or two to give everyone an idea of the before and after.
Not expecting to be out of Red Bay until next week.  Rained hard here last night and today’s temp is about 20F lower than it has been this past week.  

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  1. DDonald April 9, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all the comments on our Blog…..Good to see the two of you back on the East Coast – but doesn't sound like you're having he best of time right now. Missed you both this winter…. Said our goodbys to Jim and Jane – so sad!! Forget that lap pool down in Tanglewood next year. We are soooo glad we came back to Peace River…….Hope you guys reconsider and come back to TT next winter. Take care…….