Warranty Repairs

We were up bright and early the last two mornings in order to get PP down to Bay 1.  Chris drove our home through the busy parking lot each morning and parked in front of Bay 1 like a  pro.  Witness the smile on her face below.
Tiffin has been really good looking after our needs so far.  They swapped out our less than satisfactory Vac Master central vacuum for a much more powerful Dirt Devil model 950LE at no cost.  What a difference!  The new one actually removes dirt.  What an amazing concept!  They’ve also changed out a circuit board on our Sharp Carousel convection oven.  It was taking forever to preheat to any temperature.  Supposedly, the new board fixed the problem, but Chris is trying to bake the techs some cookies right now and we are still preheating after 30 minutes, so I expect a new board was not the correct solution.  We’ll chase that down tomorrow morning.  We’ve also had 4 pro vents replaced in our plumbing system, so hopefully that will solve our potty odor problems.  Tomorrow, all four slide toppers are being replaced.  Tiffn also updated the GPS map data on our in dash Panasonic CN-NV905U.  We had 2007 maps and now have 2008 maps.  Still not as up to date as our Garmin maps, but at least it is a step in the right direction. 
Phaeton Place in Bay 1 at Red Bay
Swamp John’s Restaurant, Red Bay
Breakfast this morning was at Swamp John’s in Red Bay.  Thanks to Ken & Faye for the tip about this place.  Great food and unbelievably low prices.  We had scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and coffee for $10.  Hard to finish it all.
We are back at it tomorrow morning.