All Legal Now

As many readers will already know, we traded in our Bounder Diesel on our Phaeton 42 QRH, aka Phaeton Place, in the spring of 2009 and imported it back into Canada.  After spending a few weeks in Ottawa tying up loose ends, we departed on our Alaska trip in early June, so just about a year ago.  Well a bigger motorhome meant I needed to upgrade my driver’s license to an Ontario D class license.  I already had my air brake endorsement so that wasn’t a concern.  The frustrating part was that the Motor License testing people  throughout Ontario were on strike most of last summer.  That meant no license upgrade was available before leaving on our trip.  After consulting with the license people, we made the decision to go anyway.  The trip went well and we got back to Ottawa earlier this month.  The strike is finally over, I jumped through all the hoops…..medical ($185), written test ($85) and completed my road test in Smiths Falls yesterday.  So everything is all legal now, finally. Yay!  We had to go to Smith Falls yesterday morning because I couldn’t book a road test in Ottawa until late August!  They are really backed up.
Weather is warming up nicely in Ottawa with temps in the upper 70sF and low 80sF.  Our air conditioners are getting plenty of use.  We are seeing lots more wildlife in the park as well.  Even had a cardinal and blue jay at the feeder yesterday. Check out this little guy.  He hangs out at the bottom of the feeder pole every day waiting for the birds to scatter seeds to him below.  Pretty funny to watch.  He’s pretty tame now too.  Doesn’t even move when we go in and out of our motorhome.  Anything for a free meal I suppose.