On To Watertown, NY

Yesterday was our last day at TT Kenisee Lake.  We really enjoyed our stay there and hope to stop in again, perhaps on our trip south to Florida in October.  We may even get to take in the covered bridge festival if we play our cards right.  We started each of our mornings at Kenisee Lake with a brisk 2 mile walk around the perimeter of the park and then did another loop every day after supper as well.  We’ve seen geese, kill deer and robins nesting here.  In fact, we spotted another family of kill deer near the pool with 2 chicks on our walk yesterday, so we’re thinking the ones in the lot across from us can’t be far from hatching either.  The birds really enjoyed our feeder as evidenced by the photo below.
American Goldfinch
We did the rest of the covered bridge tour yesterday afternoon, the B tour.  I took pictures of the five remaining covered bridges and have added them to the slide show in the previous blog entry.  All the bridges are very impressive to see.
We left TT Kenisee Lake just after 8 am this morning.  Our first stop was the Flying J on I-90 where we tanked up for $3.199/gallon.  Today’s route took us towards Erie, PA and then east on I-86 through Corning, NY before picking up NY 13 through Itasca to I-81.  From there is was straight north through Syracuse to the Cracker Barrel in Watertown, NY, arriving just before 5 pm.  We stayed here last May on our trip back to Ottawa.  They have a huge parking lot with ample parking for RV and buses.  We enjoyed a nice supper at Cracker Barrel, one of our favourite places to eat while traveling.  We did just over 400 miles today and were almost too exhausted to eat supper.  But here is something peculiar.  We always play the peg game while waiting for our meals at Cracker Barrel.  Wooden triangle with 15 holes and 14 plastic pegs.  You have to jump one peg with another and remove the jumped peg.  The idea is to finish with only one peg, anywhere on the board.  Well, the best either of us has been able to do is two pegs left.  Until today……Chris played first and lo and behold she aced the game, leaving only one peg.  She was pretty proud of herself and said it was my turn.  I was expecting to leave 2-3 pegs, but another lo and behold!  I also left only one peg.  Nice try babe.
For the uninformed, here are the rankings as printed on the peg game board.
Leave 1 peg – Genius
Leave 2 pegs – Purty Smart
Leave 3 pegs – Plain Dumb
Leave 4 or more pegs – Eg-No-Ra-Moose
Here we are…..two very tired geniuses.  Time for our evening walk and then some shut eye.