Ottawa Happenings

 Ottawa Arboretum
Its been a busy week for us here in Ottawa.  Lots of appointments to keep.  Our doctor went into labor earlier than expected so both of our check ups have been deferred until later this month.  I occupied a dentist chair for most of Monday morning and will do so again next week.  We went to see Ironman 2 on Tuesday and enjoyed it very much.  Lots of special effects.  We’ll probably go see the new Robin Hood movie next week.
Ottawa Tulips
Thursday, we parked our car at Hartwell Locks off Prince of Wales Blvd and enjoyed a nice walk along the Rideau Canal through the arboretum, all the way to Dows Lake and Commissioner’s Park, the central focal point of Ottawa Tulip Festival 2010.  The tulips are magnificent and there were lots of people out enjoying the sunshine.
We received a nice surprise on Wednesday evening. We noticed another Phaeton had arrived in the park while we were out running errands during the day.  The owner popped by to let us know that the newest chapter of the Allegro Club was having a rally in our park this weekend.  This  is an international chapter comprised of Tiffin owners from Ontario.  Over a dozen coaches were expected to arrive and we were invited to join them for a meet and greet last night followed by supper.  We met a lot of nice people and got to compare notes about our motorhomes, campgrounds, snowbirding, etc.  Lots of fun.
Canada Geese with family

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  1. Sharon Del Rosario May 15, 2010 at 10:10 pm #

    Mark and Chris,
    Glad you found our blog through Dennis and Carol Hill. Now I've found you! I'm very impressed with your photography. One or both of you must be a pro, or at least a very good amateur. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you about blogging, but I'm too tired to ask the questions right now! It was a long day, but a good one. More later or tomorrow on my blog. Happy Blogging!