Ottawa Tulip Festival

Not to harp on the weather BUT… has been the pits here weatherwise.  Last night they were calling for possible snow flurries.  We got close, but no cigar!  Today, we are hovering around 40F with a cold north wind and I swear we saw a few snow flakes on the way home from Byward Market area.
The tulip festival started on Friday so we hopped in the car this afternoon and drove to Byward Market to check it out.  Ottawa’s spring weather has been so warm up until the last few days that many of the tulips are done flowering.  We did see lots of yellow tulips still in the early stage of flowering today though.  The Market area is usually bustling on weekends but not so much today.  Heck I was even walking around with a toque on trying to keep my ears warm.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Zak’s followed by a stroll through Major’s Hill Park where I grabbed a few photos with our point and shoot camera.  After a little shopping in the market, we met our friend Dick for coffee.  We had a great time catching up on what has been happening these past 11 months. 
Chris hamming it up
(Note the carnation and gloves)
Tomorrow we start our appointments with a trip to the dentist first thing.