Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia

We left Cosy Cabins at 7:30 am this morning and continued east past Fredericton on Hwy 2 (TransCanada Hwy) before turning south on Hwy 7 towards Saint John and the ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia.  We encountered very little traffic.  Hwy 2 was four lane and Hwy 7 was mostly 2 lane until we got past Westfield when it went back to 4 lane again.  We found an Irving station in Westfield that was selling diesel for $0.98/litre, so we popped on in there to fill up as we still had lots of time to get the ferry.  This Irving station even had a higher volume truck pump so our fill went much faster than usual.  Once we reached Saint John, we found  the rather twisty road to the ferry terminal.  Lots of turns through business and residential areas but  the route is well marked and we found the ferry terminal no problem.  We got there about 10:30 am and our ferry didn’t leave until noon, so we unhooked the Vue and drove back into town for a Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich.  The ferry terminal is quite plain with no restaurants or anything nearby that we could see.  The staff were very helpful though and we were checked and waiting to board from lane 6 in no time.
Princess of Acadia
New Brunswick Flag Mural
Princess of Acadia with Bow Raised
Princess of Acadia Life Boat
Chris leaving Saint John Harbor on Princess of Acadia
The ferry trip across the Bay of Fundy was great with wonderful blue skies.  A little breezy and cool but still very pleasant.  They even have a Star Bucks on board.  We pulled into the berth in Digby, Nova Scotia at 3 pm, right on schedule, and were quickly on our way along the coast towards Kingston, Nova Scotia.  Chris’s parents greeted us as we pulled up in front of their house.  They live on a very quiet street not far from CFB Greenwood.  With a little effort, Chris & I managed to get phaeton place backed into their driveway and parked along side their house.