Adobe Lightroom 3

Adobe released their newest version of Lightroom at the beginning of June.  I downloaded the trial version of LR3 and I really like the improvements it contains.  The noise reduction is fabulous and watermarking is now part of the program instead of being an add on plug in as before.  There are lots of other improvements as well.  Check out Scott Kelby’s Kelby Training for some great lessons on getting up and running quickly.  I played around with these photos taken in Arizona this past winter and in Florida while we were at Tanglewood RV Resort over the winter of 2008/09.  I’m thinking they turned out quite well. 
Bell Rock, near Sedona, Arizona

An update on our vehicle situation……our Vue is now at a body shop on Cape Breton Island.  The new Blue Ox base plate is already installed.  Just waiting for the front end parts to arrive so painting and refitting can begin.  Hoping it will be ready early next week at the latest.  I am really disappointed at the lack of service we have received from Economical Insurance, our insurer for over 10 years, and this our first claim.  It took over a week to even get an adjuster to look at our Vue and we still haven’t heard anything definitive about damage estimates, repairs or being given a rental vehicle.  I’ve decided to go ahead and have things repaired on my own.  Our policy expires later his summer and we’ll definitely be going with another company.

Clown Mural, Lake Placid, Florida


  1. Audrey and Jay June 25, 2010 at 2:12 am #

    Great pics. We love Arizona! We have been to Sedona and Tuscon. We are hoping to go to Phoenix next year. Sorry you had so much trouble with your vehicle. What a pain. We really enjoy your blog.

  2. Randy and Pam Warner June 23, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    Amazing photos! I have heard of Lightroom but think it is a little much for a novice like me. My biggest challenge with photos so far is getting started on organizing them!