Annapolis Royal

Chris and I enjoyed an afternoon exploring Annapolis Royal yesterday.  Such a quaint seaside village and just dripping with history as well.   From the town`s website, ‘Together with Port Royal, the Annapolis Royal region comprises the oldest continuous European settlement north of St. Augustine, Florida and was settled first by Samuel de Champlain and Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons in 1605. The area was subject to frequent capture by the British or its New England colonists only to be restored each time to French control by subsequent recapture or treaty stipulations. The area remained in French hands throughout most of the 17th century.’
Fort Anne National Historic Site
Cemetery Head Stones 
There is a farmer’s market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so unfortunately we missed out on that but this photo should give you some idea of what can be seen.  We enjoyed a nice lunch of “haddie bits and fries” in a small market place pub. 
Annapolis Royal Market 
Annapolis Royal is a great place to spend an afternoon or entire day.  There are many quaint little shops that were all being spruced up for the tourism season and also Canada Day(July 1st). I was very intrigued by the boat in dry dock at the town wharf.  There must have been half a dozen men doing the refit. Unfortunately because of limited time, we did not get to see Port Royal which is right next doorHoping to still get there before we leave though.
Boat In Drydock 
This morning, we finally received some good news about our Vue, presently in a Cape Breton body shop.  It is essentially ready to go, except for the lower front grill which will arrive on Monday morning.  So looks like Monday morning we will be on our way to Cape Breton and back to pick her up.  It will be good to put that experience behind us once and for all.
Annapolis Royal Lighthouse