Car Repairs

It has been a long week so far since we got back to Greenwood.  My insurance company assigned an adjuster from Nova Scotia to assess the damage to our Vue.  He was supposed to get to it on Thursday but the towing company says he never showed up to view the damage.  Hopefully today.  Damages will most likely be repaired in Sydney, Nova Scotia….if they can fit us in.
Old Bottles at Fortress Louisbourg
I’ve had much more success dealing with Blue Ox, the manufacturers of both our base plate and tow bar.  There is a Blue Ox distributor in Truro, Nova Scotia and Blue Ox has arranged for a complete new base plate and tow bar to be sent direct to the towing company today at their cost.  The tow company will look after installing the base plate on our Vue.  Hopefully, the adjuster will get up there today so that we can get things moving on body repairs next week.
Fortress Louisbourg Building
Two other things that have gone wrong this week……remember bad things happen in threes.  Turns out some scurrilous individual managed to hack into my PennyTalk long distance phone card account.  I had $18 left on the card at the end of May.  Somebody hacked my account and managed to ring up $270 worth of long distance calls to Ghana!  PennyTalk refunded the $250 but not before I canceled my credit card. They have yet to reinstate my account with the $18 balance.  Our bank is sending me a new credit card too.  So lots of things going on here.  I’m always amazed at how insurance premiums keep going up and how quickly they are to chase you for their premiums.  Wish the service level was a little better.  Hopefully we’ll get some positive news about the car today.

A few more photos from Louisbourg added today.