Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

We’ve spent the last few days running around the area helping Chris’s parents get out to appointments, shopping and also a little sightseeing.  Yesterday, we took a run into Dartmouth to retrieve some items from storage.  Weather has been cool with more than a few showers, these past few days but then this afternoon the sun came up and it was beautiful.  Chris and I took some time to visit the Canex store at the local military base in Greenwood this afternoon.  We are both military brats who spent many years on various military bases across Canada and also in Germany.  I managed to get a new red T shirt at Canex.  My old one was getting a little tattered.  Wear Red Fridays is a great way to show support for our troops.  There are a number of aircraft on static display at the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum, so of course I just had to grab a few shots.
Lancaster Bomber
Lockheed P2V7 Neptune
With all the mandatory appointments out of the way, we will soon be back in touring mode.  We head for North Sydney and Louisbourg on Cape Breton on Sunday morning.  We’ll be staying at the KOA in North Sydney for 4 days which should give us plenty of time to visit family in the area and spend one day driving the Cabot Trail in our Vue.  We’ll also spend two nights in Louisburg at a Passport America campground so we can take in the Fortress of Louisbourg.

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  1. Sam&Donna Weibel June 5, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    The picture of the Neptune brought back memories, when I was in the Navy in the 60"s I hitched a ride to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico from NAS Jacksonville in a SP2-H it was on what was nicknamed the Rum Run where untold numbers of rum were imported back to Fla. "Two Turnin and Two burnin" was painted on the side of the plane.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.