Margaretsville, Nova Scotia

Boy, talk about a sweet spot to put Phaeton Place while we are here.  Nice double wide asphalt driveway.  Jacks down, on wood blocks of course.  All slides out, datastorm satellite deployed so we have TV & internet, electric as well!  We arrived with a full fresh tank and freshly emptied black & grey tanks, so we are good to go for quite some time before we have to dump.
Lighthouse, Margaretsville, Nova Scotia
We took Chris’s mother in to Kingston for a little shopping this morning and had a nice walk around the mall.  Plus, Chris remembered there is an RV dump in behind the mall, so we went to check that out.  Lots of room for us to get in there when we have to.  There is also a fresh water tap so we can back flush the black tank if necessary.
Blue Heron Mural, Margaretsville, Nova Scotia
Entrance to Digby Harbor
We enjoyed a nice drive up the hill to Margretsville this afternoon.  A very quaint village on the Bay of Fundy.