Our Toad Is Back!

This past Sunday, Chris & I grabbed an Enterprise rental car and headed up to River Bourgeouis on Cape Breton Island to retrieve our Saturn Vue from Brent’s Autobody.  We enjoyed a very scenic drive all the way up the eastern shore to Port Hawkesbury where we spent the evening at the Maritime Inn.  Thankfully, we decided to drive up on Sunday and back on Monday instead of doing an up and back all in one day.  The weather up to Cape Breton was wonderful and going up the eastern shore was very scenic.  We stopped in  Sheet Harbour for a few photos and then Sherbrooke for supper on the way up and eventually pulled in Port Hawkesbury around 9 pm, not bad considering we didn’t leave Greenwood until after 1 pm. 
Rapids in Sheet Harbour 
Our Vue was ready Monday afternoon and we were on our way back to Greenwood shortly after 2 pm.  What a difference a day makes weatherwise!  Monday, we had torrential rains all the way back as far as New Glasgow. We’ve never seen so much water accumulating on highways.  Hydroplaning was very easy no matter how much we slowed down.  Thankfully, the weather improved south of New Glasgow.  It made for a long day, Chris driving the rental and me the Vue.  We were back in Greenwood before 9 pm.  By the way the Vue looks great. 
Tuesday was spent getting packed up as we prepared to leave for New Brunswick on Wednesday morning.  We did have one disappointment.  Turns out the towing electrical plug in on the Vue, repaired by the autobody shop, wasn’t done correctly.  So no signal or brake lights on the Vue while towing and also no auxiliary brake in the Vue because the breakaway switch was destroyed when the tow bar failed.
Phaeton Place on Princess of Acadia
We were up bright and early this morning  and  on our way to the Digby ferry by 5:30 am. We both tried the new cheese bagel BELTs at Tim Horton’s in Digby before lining up for the ferry.  The BELT gets a passing grade from both of us but it is certainly not something you want for breakfast everyday.  The ferry ride was uneventful.  We were both too tired to spend much time outside and instead stayed inside to watch a movie.  
Fog Bank at Digby Harbor
We continued on to Cosy Cabins Motel and Campground in Woodstock where we will spend the next few days before continuing back to Ottawa.  We do enjoy our view over the St John river.  We did find an RV repair facility in Woodstock willing to rewire the Vue for us on Friday morning which suits us perfectly.  So we are all settled in here for Canada Day and are looking forward to see how Woodstock celebrates our holiday.

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