Quebec City

We were up and at it early Saturday and at TC Trailer before 8 am.  The owner came out and rewired our towing light plug in on the Vue.  As suspected, it was a simple matter of moving the wires around inside the plug.  We were on our way west before 9 am with all our lights and breakaway switch functioning as they should be.  The drive to Quebec City was pretty mundane.  Not much traffic but we did run into a bit of weather in New Brunswick.  Once out of New Brunswick, the sun came out and the temperature rose.  The drive west along the St Lawrence River was wonderful.  We arrived at a Walmart on the south shore and joined at least 8 other RVs spending the night there.
Entrance to Vieux Quebec
Today is Chris’s birthday and to celebrate we decided to delay heading back to Ottawa this morning and instead drove into Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec City) to have a look around.  We spent the morning hiking the streets in and around Chateau Frontenac and then enjoyed a great brunch sitting outside at a small cafe, watching the world go by.  After that it was back to Walmart to pick up PP and hit the road.  
Wall Mural in Old Quebec
OMG was there ever a lot of traffic!  The end of a holiday weekend and this was the first time in many years that we were actually traveling on a long weekend.  Traffic moved along well for the most part.  Driving a motorhome, one certainly gets to see good and bad drivers on the road.  Our pet peeve is drivers who can not merge properly and expect 60+ ft of motorhome and toad to just stop so they can enter our lane…….and while they yap on the frikkin’ phone at the same time!!!!!  Around exit 220 on Hwy 20, we saw a car trying to merge in front of us….plodding along at about 70 kph while we were doing around 95 kph…..not looking in his mirror or doing a shoulder check…..and talking on his cell phone.  Thankfully our air horns woke the driver up enough to let us past him!  Yikes!  For everyone’s sake people, put the dam phone away and focus on your driving.  Hwy 40 through Montreal slowed down quite a bit west of the tunnel because of an accident but once we got past that, it was clear sailing all the way into Ottawa.
Chateau Frontenac
We are back at Camp Hither Hills in the only 50 amp spot they have left.  This was supposed to be a temporary spot for us until the spot we had back in May is vacated but we like this one and may stay here, especially since we have more shade in this spot.


  1. Rick and Paulette July 5, 2010 at 4:29 am #

    Thanks for the great pics of Quebec City. I visited the city in the late 70's and have always wanted to go back as it's such a beautiful and historical place.

  2. Margie M. July 5, 2010 at 3:11 am #

    Nice to read that you managed to get to your RV camp safe and sound in spite of idiot drivers. There seem to be more and more of those idiot drivers on the road these days. Enjoy your time in Quebec City.