Road Trip to Punta Cana

It’s been a busy week here in Ottawa with lots of running around getting ourselves ready for our trip to Dominican Republic.  We are out of here today with a not so quick stop in Toronto before the flight to Punta Cana.  I’m taking my camera gear with me so I can dabble in a little wedding photography while down there.  First time I’ve ever had to fly with this much gear, so I’m hoping things go smoothly at the airport later this morning.  

The heat wave in southern Ontario abated somewhat on Friday when we were drenched by a late afternoon thunderstorm.  Oddly enough though, when we left the campground 30 minutes later, the road outside the campground was already completely dry.  The humidity decreased somewhat but it is slowly creeping back up again.  Temps in Punta Cana are in the 44C/95F range at this time of year, so not much different than what we have here at the moment, but we are hoping for some drier air with the sea breezes.
I’ve been working on some older photos in Photoshop.  We loved our time in the San Diego area this past winter and good friends, Jim & Jane, sent me the top photo of them hamming it up on the San Diego waterfront, asking me to try removing the girl at the base of the statue of the sailor & nurse.  It took a little doing with some cloning, masking, pasting, etc and I moodied it up a bit too, but I think it turned out quite well.  I’m not sure if Chris or I took the original with Jane’s camera at the time but I know we all had a good chuckle. Mind your back Jim! (Miss you both)
Stay safe everyone and we’ll see you in about a week or so…..unless they have internet down there.  Taking the tripod too, so hoping for some nice sunset shots along the beach if all goes well.