Belkin’s Tunebase FM Auto Transmitter & Charger

Belkin Tunebase FM iPod Auto Transmitter With Handsfree (F8Z441TTB)

I’ve used a Monster charger and FM transmitter for my old iPod while on road trips in the past and it worked pretty well but for some reason the old Monster would not charge my new iPhone via the Vue’s 12V power socket.  Turns out it was not compatible with the new iPhone, so what to do?
In Ontario it is now illegal to use a cell phone while driving unless you have hands free capability.  So we were looking for something to mount the iPhone in a readily accessible position that also included features such as hands free, built in charger, FM capable, etc.  A little research online found this product by Belkin that works well with iPod and iPhones.  It even holds iPhones with an add on case with no difficulty.  Essentially it is a goose neck wand with one end holding the iPhone or iPod and the other end has an FM transmitter that plugs nicely into the 12V power socket.  The goose neck makes it easily adjustable and the iPod or iPhone can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the adjustable holder.  Plug the audio cable into the headphone jack of your device, pump up the volume to max, push the auto select button on the FM transmitter and it quickly finds an unused FM frequency in your area, adjust your car stereo to that FM frequency and I was listening to Roy Orbison with no distortion whatsoever.  
My iPhone remains fully functional while mounted in this device.  When an incoming call arrives, the device automatically lowers the volume of the music.  I push the answer button on the device and am soon conversing with my caller who’s voice is coming from the speakers in my car.  Pretty cool.  As an added feature, Belkin has also included a USB port in the charger portion so a second device can be connected for charging purposes.  Picked up this baby from Future Shop and am very satisfied with it so far.  

Tried  the Tom Tom, USA & Canada, GPS app on the way home and it really rocks.  May be able to just leave the Garmin in the motorhome from now on.

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  1. Rick and Paulette August 28, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    Neat gizmo! Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check out Future Shop for one of those – you can never have too many gizmos, right?