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Many of our regular readers will recall reading about our recent vehicle mishap on June 12 while touring Cape Breton Island when our Saturn became detached from the back of our motorhome while we were driving.  The reason for the mishap was fully attributed to a faulty Blue Ox base plate.  Essentially, two welds on the base plate failed and it simply separated from the front bumper of the Vue.  Thankfully, there were no injuries but our Vue did sustain almost $3500 in front end damages.  Blue Ox replaced the base plate and our Aventa II tow  hitch at no cost.  I paid for vehicle repairs to be done on Cape Breton and the Vue returned with us to Ottawa in early July.
Since we’ve been back in Ottawa, I have been corresponding with Blue Ox and with Economical Insurance who carries the policy on our Vue.  Blue Ox has sent me a check for just about all the damage claim I submitted, so I am pretty happy about that.  I have been with Economical Insurance for almost 15 years and have never had an accident in all my 35 years of driving.  It took almost 9 days for Economical  to assign an adjuster to my case.  After a less than thorough and completely inaccurate damage estimate, it was easier and certainly faster for me to pay for the repairs myself.
Here is where it gets down right confusing.  Remember, Economical never paid out a dime on my claim because according to their man’s estimate, damages were less than my $3000 deductible.  I could live with that no problem.  Imagine my surprise though when Economical told me they were finding me 100% “at fault” and that my insurance rates would be going up as a result.  No explanation, no discussion, just pay more money next time we insured our Vue.  Oh yeah, they flagged my file too so that any new insurance company we went to would see the ‘at fault’ designation on my file.  Needless to say I was more than mildly ticked off!
Well I am pleased to say that Blue Ox has stepped up and accepted 100% responsibility for the accident.  At my insistence, they also updated Economical Insurance, who have since removed the ‘at fault’ designation from my file.  It is now time to renew my insurance.  Wonder who we’ll go with?
Anyway, this now brings the accident saga to a full and satisfactory conclusion.    

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  1. Sharon Del Rosario August 28, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    So glad to hear about the satisfactory conclusion. Blue Ox has the reputation of standing behind their products (although we're still trying to get our TruCenter to work). But your insurance company sure doesn't seem to value its customers!