Corn On The Cob

Friday evening corn on the cob eating contest in Hanover featuring Chris and my niece Katie.  We had picked up 45 cobs at a local corn stand earlier in the day and then cooked them all on the BBQ at John & Karen’s.  It was very quiet at the supper table except for the frequent lip smacking across the table from me.  These two corn dogs each wolfed down thirteen cobs on their own but were nice enough to leave a few for the rest of us mere mortals.  We also enjoyed baked Atlantic salmon, potatoes, cucumber and some awesome chocolate dessert.  Now in fairness these two ate only corn while the rest of us enjoyed the ‘entire’ fare.  It was nip and tuck to see who would inch ahead and take the much coveted crown.  In the end,as they started to slow down, they both agreed to share the crown and stop at ‘just’ 13 cobs.  Plans are already being made for a rematch next year and I fully expect there to be a few more challengers.

Got to spend a little time with my nephew’s son Will and grabbed this one outside as he poked his head through the back of one of the lawn chairs.  He’s into everything “Toy Story”. What a cutie!
Gotta go and get organized for our family reunion later today.  Might have to take a few more photos there.

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  1. Lindsay August 10, 2010 at 5:05 pm #

    You both look so excited…and then so full. A-mazing.