Watson's Mill, Manotick

We’ve enjoyed a relaxing few days lately.  Our last couple of mornings have begun with a run and a power walk with nordic poles along the Ottawa river.  There are some great areas to park along the river near the Aviation Museum.  For our Wednesday morning run we parked at the foot of Birch St and then ran east along the river pathway to Rockcliff Yacht Club. It was a bit of a slug up the really steep boat ramp but our route past the old Rockcliff airbase runway made it worth while as we got to see quite a few private planes coming and going.  Another mile and were again on the pathway along the river heading back to our vehicle.  Thursday morning’s exercise was Chris’s choice so we broke out the nordic poles and did a very similar walk along the river.  It’s amazing how much more intense a walk can be when using nordic poles.

We took a drive into Manotick on Thursday afternoon.  Watson’s Mill is a lovely old 19th century flour and grist mill on the shores of the Rideau river.  It is open to the public and staffed by volunteers who are very willing to show exactly how the mill functioned.  We wandered around all three floors of the mill and also managed to get a nice shot of it from across the river.

This last photo is my favourite of the three you see posted here.  Taken on the third floor of the mill.  There was an open window out of frame to the left of this scene that brought in some amazing light.  Not too bad for handheld on a very dusty floor at ISO 1000.  The first photo of the mill on the river is a composite of three separate photos bracketed from -2 to +2 EV.  It was really hard to bring back the detail in the sky because the sun wasn’t in a real great position. Enjoy!