Mer Bleu Revisited

 Mer Bleu Bog
We enjoyed a relaxing day together today.  Chris’s first day off after a few nights shifts.  This morning we finally managed to schedule our eye exams.  Even though we checked out Lasik last month, it is just too expensive for what they can do for us.  Can’t see the point in shelling out almost $9000 for the two of us for laser eye surgery and then still have to wear glasses to read.  Maybe one day, but not today.  So eye exams tomorrow and then new glasses for each of us as well.  We usually go to Lenscrafter but may try Hakim’s Optical if they still have the two pairs for one deal going.  Having a spare pair each may be a good idea while we are on the road.
Arctic Cotton
A little shopping at St Laurent mall before hitting Costco for some groceries.  We find Costco’s produce and meat to be of excellent quality and their prices are not bad either.  We’ve been getting into juicing this past few weeks so the larger quantities sold at Costco are coming in handy.
We spent the afternoon at Phaeton Place.  The park is pretty full right now but I expect that may have something to do with Navan’s fair.  There is a least one one large semi trailer in here housing a bunch of clowns performing at the fair.  The photos seen here were taken at Mer Bleu yesterday evening. We always like strolling through the bog on the boardwalk.
Boardwalk in Bog
Looking forward to our run along the Ottawa river in the morning followed by breakfast at Cora’s.

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  1. Margie M. August 12, 2010 at 11:53 pm #

    We also enjoy shopping at Costco for fresh produce. The quality is very good.

    Nice pic of that turtle. I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for sharing your day.