My New iPhone 4 Arrives!……finally!

We left Ottawa on Tuesday morning heading for Hanover and Kincardine area for a family reunion this coming weekend.  Sounds like we got out of Ottawa just in time too because they got a bunch of rain later that same day.  We drove the Bancroft, Orillia route instead of taking Hwy 7 or 401.  A lot less traffic and much more scenic too.  It was about 600 km all told and we pulled into Hanover just before 5 pm.  By far the longest drive we have done in the Vue in quite some time.  Even with the motorhome, 600 km is about the most we’ll do in a day.
Wednesday was ‘THE’ day for me.  After being shipped from Edmonton via Canada Express Post on July 30th and sitting in their warehouse over the entire long weekend (what torture!), my new iPhone 4 finally showed up in the mail box in Hanover just before noon.  Of course you know what I was doing for the rest of the day!  I had brought my laptop with me so I could activate the phone via iTunes.  The Telus microSIM card worked falsely and activated very easily.  My old HTC smartphone is now officially a brick but there are still some useful apps on it that do not seem to be available for iPhone.  Pocket Quicken is the most noteable program not made for iphone, which is unfortunate.
I’m really liking the many features on the iphone and the screen is far and away much brighter with crisper colours than my smartphone.  This photo of Chris was taken with the iphone’s camera from about 3 feet away in a coffee shop.  Pretty good resolution and colour for a phone camera.  I’ve downloaded all kinds of free apps from the iTunes store, just to try out of course.  There are many good free apps and also paid apps.  One of the most interesting paid apps I have seen is the Tom Tom GPS app for USA & Canada.  Might have to give that one a go.  I’m not real impressed with the spell check feature though.  Suggestions are made for misspelled words on screen in many of the apps but for some reason the correct spelling is not always imported into the document when tapped upon.  Maybe there is a setting that needs adjusting somewhere.
I suppose my next decision will be whether or not to get a data plan from Telus or to just rely on wifi for my iPhone.  I’m not on a contract with Telus, so I’m not really sure if I can even get a data plan without having to enter into a multi year contract.  Presently, my no plan with Telus allows me to put a vacation stop on my telephone when we head south in the winter.  I get to keep my phone number and not have to pay a bill while out of the country.  Not sure whether I’d be able to put a data plan on a vacation stop too.  There are certainly some nice data plan deals being offered by Canadian cell phone companies right now to coincide with the launch of the new iPhone and Blackberry (….finally!).  It would be nice to take advantage of one of those plans for use while we are in Canada.  While in the USA, I think it would be best to buy a SIM and data plan from one of the big US carriers like Verizon, Sprint or ATT.    That is the advantage of having an unlocked cell phone while traveling.
We had a nice BBQ dinner for some of the relatives with birthdays on Wednesday evening.  Chris’s name  made in onto the cake too which was a nice surprise.  We all enjoyed burgers, brats, corn on the cob and salads.  The local corn is awesome and led Chris to challenge my niece to a corn on the cob eating contest for later on tonight.  We picked up 45 ears of corn this afternoon and I’m betting most of them will be gone long before bedtime tonight.  Wonder who will claim the crown?

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  1. Karen August 6, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    hi there glad you're having fun with your new toy!!