Bates Island

An overcast and cool morning in Ottawa today.  After dropping Chris back at Phaeton Place for some sleep, I decided to make myself scarce for a few hours and take my 500mm lens out for a little bird photography.  I headed for Remic Rapids on the Ottawa river, thinking I could always grab some geese shots, even on a dreary and wet morning.  Once I got to the end of Island Park, I saw the RCMP had the Ottawa River Parkway blocked off for eastbound traffic.  Turns out there was a bad accident overnight and the police were still investigating the scene.  So instead, I headed across Champlain bridge to Bates Island which is in the middle of the Ottawa river between Ontario and Quebec.  Lighting was pretty poor but I found a few gulls and ducks hanging about that made for easy pickings.  I didn’t have my big tripod with me but did make do with my monopod.  I spotted some great blue herons and a cormorant but they were too far away to get any good photos.
Young Gull
We made the mistake of going to Loblaw’s at South Keys for a few groceries this afternoon.  Boy, what a zoo!  Every checkout till must have had at least half a dozen people waiting in line.  Not sure why the crush of people was there today but we were both a year older by the time we got home late this afternoon.
Looks like our blog is picking up more followers on a regular basis.  I’ve answered a few emails recently about Tiffin products, the RV lifestyle in general and some photography questions as well. Thank you all for your interest.


  1. Dennis and Donna September 13, 2010 at 2:15 pm #

    You live in a beautiful area…the pictures are great!…I love wildlife!

  2. In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann September 13, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    Nice photos!
    – Mary Ann :)