Bay #2, Red Bay, AL

We were parked overnight along the road on the west side of the Tiffin Service Center.  It was a little noisy from traffic on and off throughout the night but we survived unscathed.  We had to run the engine to keep our batteries charged for about an hour before turning in last night and even with that, our inverter sounded an error code around 5 am this morning.  The alarm meant our house batteries were getting low so I shut the inverter off until we got up. 

We were in front of Bay 5 as requested by 7 am but no sooner had we pulled into Bay 5 than we were moved over to Terry in Bay 2.  We met Terry the last time we were here in April and while he did not look after our coach, he did help out Justin who was our technician at that time.  Terry is very methodical about his work and got a real good jump on our punch list today.
It turned out that our power problems were a result of a burned contact on the generator leg of our transfer switch.  Replacing the old transfer switch also resolved our electronic fobs not working properly. We also solved the mystery behind all our cargo lights not working.  Turns out that a screw went into a wire when the ceiling panel was put back into place in our wet bay the last time we were here.  I pulled our dashboard panel myself and found a loose wire on one of our dashboard 12V outlets.  No wonder it wasn’t working.
They are working on replacing two of the Diamond Shield panels on the front of our home.  Ivan removed the old panels with a little help from me on the heat gun.  He’ll apply two new panels on Monday. Our LPG compartment door has gone for repainting. The carpentry shop is re-gluing one of our closet doors.  They may have to pull the toilet on Monday to find out why it is slow to drain. (NO WISE CRACKS EITHER)!  The roof cracks will be seen to on Monday as well.  Hoping the roof can be repaired while we are here and not have to be booked for another visit.  Still not sure just how long we will be here.  We figured two weeks before we got here.  We’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Audrey and Jay October 25, 2010 at 12:24 am #

    Good luck in Red Bay! We are going down in December. We have quite a list, too.

    We can relate to the power problems. We have replaced two transfer switch boxes, an air conditioner and drove to Michigan to Spartan to fix a loose power cable.

    We now have an issue with the engine brake solenoid that has to be dealt with, which means going to a Cummins service center…it has been quite the ordeal since we got our coach last April. I just hope once they are resolved, they stay resolved.