Child Proof Locks

It’s been a quiet weekend here at Red Bay.  Tiffin’s service center and campground store is closed on weekends but the campground office remains open.  The campground is full to capacity and then some at the moment.  Things will certainly be busy again on Monday morning as everyone with appointments shuffles their motorhomes into their assigned service bay.  We must have seen at least twenty motorhomes arrive today and all of them are in the overflow area along Gates Rd.  There are even some parked at the end of the old runway down past the angle parked rigs waiting for pick up.
We took a drive over to Florence yesterday.  Kind of a big tour loop, popped into Walmart for a few groceries and also stopped at Valley Health Foods for a few specialty items.  We enjoy chia seeds and hemp seeds on our morning cereal and prices are much cheaper here than in Canada, so we stocked up.  We also stopped at Lowes in Muscle Shoals to check on a new fan/heater as our old fan has given up the ghost, but we didn’t find anything we liked.
After we got out of the service bay on Friday, we tried to wash a load of dishes in our dishwasher only to find it wouldn’t start.  I checked the fuses and plug in but all were in order.  The Lowes clerk suggested we try  unplugging it for a minute or two so it could reset itself.  Well that didn’t work.  When all else fails, get out the instruction booklet.  It turns out that with all our traveling these past weeks, we must have accidentally activated the child proof lock on the dishwasher.  The fix was quite simple….push and hold the lock button for about 10 seconds until the child proof lock disengages.  Once the lock disengaged, the dishwasher powered up and functioned normally.  
Our weather radio has been chirping for the last 3-4 hours.  There is a severe thunderstorm and flash flood warning  in effect  for southern parts of Tennessee and the NE corner of Mississippi until 4 am in the morning.  We’ve pulled in the awnings in preparation …just in case, but I think we are in pretty good shape here in Red Bay.  And now the rain begins………