Fort Erie

I started today with a nice run on the beach in the sunshine.  I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see sunshine here again but today was fabulous.  Running in shorts and t shirt…haven’t done that in a few weeks.   The beach and most of the homes lining the beach were all deserted.  Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend so I expect some of the residents will be back at the beach to enjoy the last holiday of summer and to winterize their homes before departing.
Cormorant Perch
After a few chores around Phaeton Place, I loaded my camera into the Vue and headed off to Fort Erie.  While there, I mailed the coffee filter (K cup) holder from our old Keurig coffee machine back to the Keurig company in Georgia.  Our Keurig machine died a couple of weeks ago and the company sent out a replacement immediately. They want the filter as proof of ownership I suppose.  The odd part of this story though is that while at the Shoppers post office, there was another person in line ahead of me, also mailing back a coffee filter (K cup) holder to Keurig.  Turns out her machine crapped out too.  What are the odds!
I grabbed these shots along the Niagara Parkway.  We will cross the Peace Bridge on our way south on Oct 18th.  I was amused by all these cormorants sitting in this dead tree on the banks of the Niagara river.  They were all teetering on their webbed feet while facing into a pretty good headwind.

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  1. Dennis and Donna October 11, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    That's right..I forget that Canadian Thanksgiving is Columbus Day weekend….and what were those "duck" looking birds in the tree?? HAPPY TURKEY..(or is that what you eat?)