We spent Thursday night back at the Best Western hotel in Russellville because the new roof on PP was not finished yet.  We thought we may as well be comfortable instead of being crammed in a bay with all our slides in.  Besides, the inside was pretty dirty from all the work involved removing our three air conditioners, fantastic vent fans and our shower dome.  So it was back to Russellville and into the same room we had the night before.  We enjoyed a light supper at Taylor’s restaurant next door to the hotel and wished we had know about this place for our first night here as we would certainly have passed on Pizza Hut.
We were back at Red Bay by 10 am on Friday morning and monitored the progress of the work done by our techs, Tom & Dave, throughout the day. It took until almost 4 pm before we were ready to leave the bay.  Good thing we could leave too or else PP would have had to stay inside all weekend and we would have been back in the hotel.  Two nights in a hotel was more than enough, thank you very much.  I don’t yet have a photo to post with everything remounted on the new roof, hopefully tomorrow.  The roof including the rails is all white which is in stark contrast to the usual black roof rails.  They did a great job remounting everything and cleaning up after themselves.  We have a bubble test in Belmont on Monday which will check the roof for leaks.  If we pass the bubble test, we’ll get Igor to finish the Diamond Shield and then we’ll be back in the paint shop for touch up.  They’ve left a few nice scratches on the sides of PP but those should be buffed out quite easily.  Still hoping to be on the road west to Palm Desert by next weekend…..fingers crossed.
The above photo was taken with my iPhone 4.  There are quite a few coaches here parked on the runway awaiting repairs.  This is a shot of the PS wall of an Allegro Bus that was quite obviously parked next to something emitting intense heat, possibly another motorhome.  The entire PS is all bubbled up and melted.  The texture of the letters and lighting on the side wall looked a little spooky and given that Halloween is almost upon us, I just couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.  My sincere sympathies to the owners for your loss and I hope your repairs go smoothly.


  1. Dennis and Donna October 31, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    That poor Allegro Bus..but what a neat photo for Halloween…"I'm Melting!!!!!!!

  2. Sharon Del Rosario October 31, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    Glad you got to move out of the motel, never fun to stay in one of those. Loved the Halloween pic of the Allegro Bus. Hope the owners get it back good as new.

  3. Sue and Doug October 31, 2010 at 4:12 am #

    and here I thought you did some crazy photo shop trick!!