Happy Thanksgiving

I spent a wonderful long weekend in the Hanover and Kincardine areas of Ontario visiting family for our Canadian Thanksgiving.  I drove up to Hanover from Sherkston Shores on Friday afternoon with one more load of things for our storage locker.  Before leaving, I stowed our satellite dish, pulled in all the slides and also shut off the water.  We’ve had a few good thunderstorms with plenty of rain since we arrived  at Sherkston Shores and I felt much better having everything stored properly while I was not here.  I stuck to secondary roads for the most part on my trip to Hanover and enjoyed a nice sunny day with all our fall colours on full display.  My in-laws also celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary so we really had two celebrations over the holiday weekend.  Lindsay and Casey joined us in Hanover and we had a nice visit.  Saturday evening we all went out to a Chinese restaurant in Kincardine for the anniversary celebration.  There must have been twenty of us in the banquet room.  
 Hanover Races
While in Hanover, I celebrated my 55th birthday.  Hard to believe I have been retired for almost 5 years already.  As usual, I brought my camera and a few lenses with me.  The selkies were racing at Hanover Raceway so I wandered over and got permission to take some photographs.  They even went so far as to give me a visitor’s pass and also arranged for me to ride in the starting gate car for a few races.  The start car was  a very cool Cadillac that was customized somewhere in Ohio with a roof canopy and the actual swinging starting gates added on.  The driver steers the car of course.  But during races, Randy controls the accelerator  remotely from his roof canopy so the car can speed off while the gates are retracted and folded back along the length of the Cadillac.  I tried to get some photos of a race start from inside of the Cadillac but it was a little too cramped quarters.  My thanks to Gail and Randy for making me feel so welcome.  I’ve included a few photographs for everyone to enjoy.  One thing I learned from Randy is that horses run clockwise around the track during warm ups and counter clockwise for the races.  Who knew!?! 
Hanover Races
Sunday was turkey with all the trimmings including pumpkin pie day at Karen and John’s.  Katie’s first attempt at making pumpkin pie was a huge success, so top marks there!  Very yummy!  I was even surprised with a black forest birthday cake, so you can imagine we were all pretty full after supper and TWO desserts.  John & I managed to get their wifi router working again after a techy hiccup had messed up their computer.  It took about 3 hours to get sorted out but in the end all is functioning as it should be.  
Kincardine Sunset
Casey and I went over to Kincardine on Sunday night hoping to catch a nice sunset.  There is a wonderful lighthouse on the harbor in Kincardine that would look spectacular given a perfect sunset but unfortunately Sunday was not a great sunset.  There was some color on the horizon but once the sun set there wasn’t any of the usual glowing skyline we sometimes see.  I did manage to compose the above HDR image though.  It is a three photo composite done up in CS5 with an exposure range of -2 to +2 EV
It was back to Sherkston Shores yesterday afternoon but not before Lindsay made shrimp with feta cheese omelets for breakfast.  Wonderful!  Phaeton Place is all in one piece.  I’ve got a few chores to keep me busy before Chris comes home on Saturday.  Think I’ll tackle sanitizing our fresh water tank this afternoon if the weather holds.  Might be more rain.  Almost forgot, there are a few more photographs posted on Smugmug.  Clicking on any of the photos shown above should take you right to the home gallery if you want to see them. 

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  1. Margie M. October 12, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

    Happy belated birthday! Your Thanksgiving holiday sounds wonderful. Nice to be able to spend it with loved ones.

    Those horse pics are really lovely.