Heading South

We hit the road out of Sherkston Shores yesterday morning at 8:30 am.  Our trip to the Buffalo border crossing took less than 30 minutes and I don’t mind saying that, following our USA border crossing at the Peace Arch crossing in Surrey, British Columbia last fall,  I was just a little curious about the reception we would receive this year.  Regular readers may recall how the border guards surrounded our coach, thinking I was the bad guy who popped up on their computers.  It took two delays at the border for them to modify my information enough so that the alarm bells no longer went off.  But….I had never crossed the Canada/USA border again until now, so I was just a little concerned about how long the crossing would take.  We arrived to a virtually empty border crossing.  No line ups whatsoever.  We pulled up, showed our passports, answered 2-3 questions and were on our way west on I-90 within minutes.  Looks like whatever glitch caught up with me last fall in B.C. has now been corrected.  Awesome!!
We motored on a far as Columbus, OH where we spent the night at a Cracker Barrel off I-71 at exit 100.  Following a quick bite of supper at CB, we headed for groceries at a nearby Walmart Super Center.  There is much to be said about the North American standard of “one stop” shopping.
We were up early this morning and on the road south, again by 8:30 am.  Today’s weather was much better than yesterday’s weather in Ohio.  We motored south on I-71 into Kentucky and eventually onto I-61 until we reached Bowling Green.  We’ll spend tonight at Camping World before pushing on to Thousand Trails Nachez Trace near Hohenwald, Tennessee for tomorrow night.  We plan to arrive at Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, Alabama around midday on Thursday. 
Fuel prices are much more to our liking in the USA.  Just a little comparison of prices on both sides of the border:
Diesel purchase in Ashtabula, OH…..We paid $US 3.259/gallon or $Cdn 0.859/litre. vs about $Cdn 1.00/litre in Fort Erie, ON.  Diesel has since dropped to $US 3.039/gallon in Bowling Green, KY or $Cdn 0.80/litre.
The difference in regular gasoline prices is even more pronounced.  $US 2.739/gallon in Bowling Green or $Cdn $0.723/litre vs $Cdn $1.089/litre in Ottawa this evening according to CTV Ottawa.  Our two currencies are virtually at par these days so no conversion has been factored in.  It cost me $32 to fill up my Saturn this evening instead of $60 in would have cost me in Ottawa.  A special thank you to our federal and provincial governments for all the added taxes that make up the price differences.  No wonder people head south in droves during the winter. 


  1. Dennis and Donna October 23, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    baGood luck with the fixes on your rig..It sure is a pretty rig! Sounds like they have it all under control. I would use these 2 weeks to eat my weight in great Southern food around Red Bay!

  2. K and D in the RV October 20, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Have a safe and happy time on your travels – we will be on the road as soon as this house sells and we can't wait. Glad the border went well.