Insect Bite

We got a fair bit more of our punch list completed on Monday.  Terry still has to check the toilet, work on a piece of outside trim just above the storage bay doors below the kitchen slide and swap out our kitchen sink drain strainers.  We had them both replaced in April and they need to be done again.  Not sure what they are made of but the chrome finish discolors and fades very easily.  The big news for today though relates to the cracks in our roof above the rear slide outs.  Tiffin is going to put on a new roof over top of our old roof on Wednesday and all under warranty.  We’ll need to go into a hotel for one night because they have to remove everything from the roof. 
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We went for a walk across the street to True Value Hardware in the afternoon.  We enjoy poking through this store because it has so much STUFF in it.  Everything from soup to nuts and then some!  We’ve also staked a walking route out for each evening.  About two miles or so, over towards the hospital. Haven’t found any pickleball courts here yet though.

While on our way to True Value, Chris felt something inside her shoe.  We couldn’t find anything but her foot has swollen up considerably since Monday afternoon.  I suspect it may have been a spider.  She has been bitten by a spider before and swelled up badly that time as well.  Hoping she feels better soon!

We were back on site 88 last night.  It absolutely poured Sunday evening with lots of lightning.  Last night, the wind blew constantly making it difficult to sleep because of slide toppers flapping in the wind.  It only went down to 65F here over night too but look like that will change drastically in the coming days  as we drop down close to freezing.  Several techs figure there is some more serious weather coming in tonight, so we may be sitting with our slides in for a bit.


  1. Dennis and Donna October 26, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    Benedryl might help that bite…
    As for the roof…hey, at least it's under warranty!!!!!

  2. Gail Durham October 26, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    Good luck with that spider bite, sounds nasty!